Spring is in the air

Well March has come in like a lamb and so we all know it's very possible that it could go out like a lion! Spring is in the air and we can't control those unexpected spring snow storms but we can do a few things in our homes to give us that spring feeling. I like to swap out darker heavier accessories and throws for lighter fresher items like glass vases with candles, and flowers! Nothing says spring like fresh flowers - I like to keep a vase of fresh cuts on my kitchen island throughout the  year. 

A Place for Everything

A place for everything!  January is a great month to start your spring cleaning. As you put the holiday decorations away and bring your regular decor pieces back out, dig deeper into your closets and drawers and find one thing in each that you can move on to your favourite charity or if you are lucky maybe one of your kids will cart something away. We all have those items that we look at once a year or less and wonder why are we keeping this? Guilt maybe? Perhaps someone you love gave it to you or you bought it on a whim and paid way too much! Whatever the reason it is so liberating to lighten the load and live with less of things you no longer need or love.

Holiday Traditions

December is a hectic month so it is all the more important to take some time for yourself and your family before it ramps up. I love to host my annual gingerbread house decorating lunch with my grand children and my good friend's grand children. Andrew and I bake the gingerbread pieces for little individual houses ahead of time and assemble them with Royal Icing so that they are good and sturdy for the whatever the kids can throw at them. On the day of we turn on the carols, have a bowl of hot soup or chill and the house is pretty festive for a few hours... and yes, much candy is consumed!

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